Stupid Heroes!


If you know anything about me, you know that I love me some superhero trading cards. Well, the fine folks at Wax Eye recently sent me some sample packs of their new trading card series Stupid Heroes and asked that I review them.

These are superhero parody cards, very much like the Zero Hero cards from the 80’s and illustrations from Cracked magazine. Now, full disclosure: I generally don’t care much for these types of parody cards (Garbage Pail Kids, etc). I’m more of a traditionalist. That said, I actually really enjoyed these cards! Maybe it’s the subject matter that changed my mind. Or it could be the fact that these cards are actually pretty funny. Who knows. Most of the cards parody an existing superhero:

Others are original concepts:

The backs of the cards come in 3 main varieties: a profile of the character, artist bios or a puzzle piece. Kudos to Wax Eye for mixing things up in this area. It’s always nice to see some fun facts or interactivity in trading card sets.

Overall, I really enjoyed these cards! The art is great, the card designs are classic and they’re just damn funny. Pick up your packs today online or at select Toy ‘R’ Us stores!

For another glowing review of this set, check out my friend Shawn’s review @ Branded in the 80’s!

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