A Little Shelf Expression


This week’s assignment from The League is . . . Shelf Expression!

It’s been too long since my last post and WAY too long since my last League post.  Between some obscure League topics and real life keeping my busy, I’m a little behind on my blogging.  But, thankfully Brian threw out an easy one this week so, I’m pushing through and getting a new post up!

Our current townhouse isn’t very large so, unfortunately, most of my collectibles are in boxes.  However, I do have an old bookshelf in our bedroom that is loaded to the ceiling with my stuff.  The top 2 shelves are the most relevant to this topic and are the ones I’ll focus on.

Superhero Books, Graphic Novels, etc

Here I’ve got tons of random comic-related books and graphic novels.  Some sections of this shelf are 2 books deep.  Being that I’m short on space, there is generally stuff (also cool) in front of and on top of these books.

Action figure overflow

I have a large container of individually bagged action figures but, I keep my carded figures up on this top shelf.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures but, there are multiple rows of figures, going back to the wall.

Anyways, neat stuff and glad to be back posting! Check out the posts from other League members!

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“A Little Shelf Expression”

  1. I love when people show us all their shelves 😀 😀
    At first I thought your shelf will be only about DC (I love DC), but I spoted Wolverine and Hulk 😀


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