Hake’s Auction #210 Shopping Spree!


This week’s assignment from The League is . . . Hake’s Auction Shopping Spree!

I’ve gained access to the Wayne Family bank account and gone on a shopping spree at Hake’s!  Well . . . not really but, it certainly is fun to think about.  Anyways, here’s what I would buy:

 Bob Kane signed, limited edition Batman lithograph



I know, I know. Big surprise. This is just WAY too cool to pass up though.  Would love to own a Bob Kane signed piece some day. Starting Bid: $300


‘Marvel Team-Up’ #52 Original Art Page by Sal Buscema



Another awesome comic piece by a Marvel legend.  I’ve been drooling over original art for years.  Hope to own one or more pieces at some point. Starting Bid: $300


‘Steamboat Willie’ Mickey Mouse production drawing



This a slight departure from the comic book theme but, I happen to love the old Disney cartoons.  This is a piece of history, as far as I’m concerned. Starting Bid: $1,000


‘Super Powers’ lot of figures and case



I’ve actually never owned a ‘Super Powers’ figure but, I’ve always thought they were pretty cool looking.  This is a great set.  The figures are in great shape and it includes the case.  Starting Bid: $200


‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ carded original series action figure lot



This is just stunning.  Not only to have all these series 1 TMNT figures but to have them on card and in such great shape.  I had a Leo from this series (my fav) but, would love to own the whole group.  Starting Bid: $100


Batman 12.5″ Magnetic Variant boxed Mego Figure



This is actually pretty sweet and something I’ve never seen before.  It’s a Batman Mego figure that you can hang off metal things, with the magnets in his hands. Too cool!  Starting Bid: $100


Xavier Institute Class of 1994 10k Gold Ring



I think this is just awesome.  I love comic book merchandise that subtly makes some comic book character / place / etc. seem real.  Starting Bid: $300


‘King Kong’ framed reproduction three sheet movie poster



Even though this is a reproduction, this poster is too awesome.  I’m a big fan of the 1933 King Kong and have been watching it since I was a kid.  This poster is about 7 feet tall.  Starting Bid: $500


Various CGC Graded comics


Five classic issues here, all in decent to good shape and CGC graded.  Would love to have my hands on these.  Includes:

The Invincible Iron Man #1 – Starting Bid: $700

The Incredible Hulk #1 – Starting Bid: $2,000

X-Men #1 – Starting Bid: $1,000

Giant-Size X-Men #1 – Starting Bid: $300

Wolverine #1 – Starting Bid: $100


And that’s it.  Pretty decent haul 🙂 .  Let’s see what everyone else bought!

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    • Exactly! If you weren’t reading the inscription, you would totally think that’s a real class ring.


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