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My oldest son’s first day of school was yesterday so, I decided to take the day off so I could bring him.  After we dropped him off, I happened to end up at the mall again.  Well, the sports card store I mentioned in my last post, was calling my name again.  Their selection of retro toys & cards really caught me off guard last time and I really didn’t get a chance to dig around.  So I went in and found a few great items; none of which I was expecting.  Here’s what I found:


‘The Simpsons’ standee – 1990 – by Starmakers


I spied this beauty when I first walked in.  It’s in great shape for being 24 years old.  I’m a big Simpsons fan and it’s amazing to think that the show was barely a year old when this was released.  It’s about 1½ – 2 ft tall.


Bruce & Selina ‘Batman Returns’ cup from McDonald’s – 1992


I actually have most, if not all, of the other cups that McDonald’s released for Batman Returns.  As well as the ‘Batdisc’ lids (with un-punched straw holes).  I love the artwork on these cups.  McDonald’s really had some great movie promo stuff back in the 90’s.  I’d never seen this one before so, I had to grab it.


‘Batman: The Animated Series’ cards – 1995 – by Skybox

Despite my duplicate card debacle from last week, I picked up a couple packs of these cards.  However, this time I checked my binders first and found that I only had about 60% of the cards in this set.  And I think we can all agree that ‘special cards’ in trading card sets don’t get much better than these mini-standee cards.


G.I. JOE – Order of Battle TPB – 1987 – by Marvel Comics

Now this is an item I had never seen before.  So, I quickly whipped out my phone and Googled it.  Essentially, this is a collection of the character & vehicle casefile cards (as seen on the 1980’s G.I. JOE toy packages) from the fist series.  It was released, in comic format, in a 4-issue series.  This is the collected, trade paperback version.  Really awesome stuff.  It is in fantastic / near mint shape and to my shock, was priced at a dollar less than the cover price ($6).


‘The Punisher’ Movie Special – 1990 – by Marvel Comics


Another item I had never seen before.  As you may have guessed, it’s a comic adaptation (in TPB format) of the 1989 Punisher movie.  The movie is not very good but, worth a watch if you’ve got some time to kill (ha ha).  Being that I’d never seen this before and it was marked at the cover price, I had to grab it.


Not at all what I was expecting to find or buy but, man was it fun to find these items!

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“More Treasure Hunting”

  1. Rad finds! Yeah, I had sooooo many of those Batman Returns cups. I thought I was totally going to keep using them for the rest of my life. Ahh, the folly of the 14 year-old mindset… :p

    • Yeah, we had a ton of these and also the glass ‘Batman Forever’ mugs. I should probably put together a dish set or something


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