Thoughts on the ‘Flash’ premiere


grantgustin002Sweet … more new shows!

I finally watched the pilot episode of the new ‘Flash’ TV show last night and I’ve gotta say, I liked what I saw. I honestly couldn’t pick out one thing that I disliked and despite my undying love of all things Batman, I actually think it had a stronger start than ‘Gotham’.  Here are my thoughts on the pilot:

  • The show, overall (acting and dialogue) felt really tight. Like I mentioned, a better start than ‘Gotham’. None of the dialogue felt forced and the acting seemed genuine.
  • Speaking of the acting, I like the look of all the actors and everyone seemed very in-character. I’ve never seen Grant Gustin in a single thing and he did a fantastic job as Barry Allen.
  • I would be totally lying if I told you that seeing cast members from the old Flash show (John Wesley Shipp and soon Amanda Pays) didn’t leave a HUGE grin on my face. I love the old show so, I totally welcome this.
  • Also, I was grinning like an idiot when I saw the mangled Gorilla Grodd cage. So awesome! Can’t wait to see him.
  • In stark contrast to ‘Gotham’ (so far, at least) it was really nice to see superheroes (and soon, supervillains), in costume.
  • I thought the Flash speed effects were really great. I like how they’re handling the mix of effects and camera angles.
  • Poor Mikey Palmice can’t catch a break and gets whacked in the first episode. I kinda laughed when I saw him in the show but, don’t really care that he’s gone.

Anyways … very strong start! I will be keeping up with this show.

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“Thoughts on the ‘Flash’ premiere”

  1. I actually watched the pilot a few weeks ago and I completely agree. I’ve been a huge Flash fan since the early 80s and I’m also a fan of the 90s show, so I was a little worried how this was going to play out. But the existence of this show actually got me to finally start watching Arrow in prep. Now I love Arrow and I’m thoroughly in love with the first episode of this show.

  2. Definitely think Flash is better thought-out than Gotham.

    How do you feel now that we’re several episodes in? I think it’s just gotten better. If it keeps this up, I’ll have to start liking it more than Arrow!


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