Comics come to life with Madefire


The following is a guest post from John Meikle. John is a freelance writer specializing in current events. He used to have a full-time job but realized that working as a freelancer is much better because it allows him to do his other passions in life. In his free time, he likes playing video games […]

Stupid Heroes!


If you know anything about me, you know that I love me some superhero trading cards. Well, the fine folks at Wax Eye recently sent me some sample packs of their new trading card series Stupid Heroes and asked that I review them. These are superhero parody cards, very much like the Zero Hero cards […]

Ghosts … err … Monsters of Halloween Past


Just a quick post today to share some retro Halloween goodness! If you haven’t been reading Shawn Robare’s plethora of ‘Monster Squad’ articles this month, you are missing out! It’s been a month-long study of a great movie and what better way to get pumped up for Halloween? It’s also gotten me thinking about the […]

Thoughts on the ‘Flash’ premiere


Sweet … more new shows! I finally watched the┬ápilot episode of the new ‘Flash’ TV show last night and I’ve gotta say, I liked what I saw. I honestly couldn’t pick out one thing that I disliked and despite my undying love of all things Batman, I actually think it had a stronger start than […]